April 14th, 2019

Tips For Choosing The Right Hardwood Colour

You want to make sure that you are happy with hardwood-floor you chose. There are different color options and you may feel excited by all of them. Below mentioned are the few points that you may consider while choosing the right color for your home.

1. First thing that you may want to keep in mind is the color of your furniture. You would not want the color of your wood floors to match the color of your furniture. Matching everything will make the room look jumbled. You should go for colors that compliment each other.

2. You should consider deep colors for your open rooms as this will allow the character of the floor to shine through.

3. If you have a small room that is limited when it comes natural lighting or the room already has darker colored walls, you should choose lighter colored wood flooring. Flooring that is too dark will create a sense of doom and gloom within the room.

On the other hand, if you have a room that has light colored walls, then choosing a darker wood for the flooring will create a modern and contemporary look. Commonly, those who want to have art rooms or home office go with a black or deep red flooring.


4. Scratches on your hardwood floors are likely to happen in areas where pets and kids play. If you want to conceal these imperfections easily, choose a natural color wood floor that does not have a glossy finish. The scratches and dents will look like they belong and no one will know the difference.

5. When it comes to choose your hardwood flooring color, always ask for some wood samples and compare them at your home. You will be able to compare the samples with the color of your furniture. Without samples, you would not know how the flooring will look in your home and you may be surprised come installation.

One thing to keep in mind is that no two floors are exactly the same and you should leave a bit of room for a shade lighter or darker when it comes to the floor that will be installed in your home.

May 14th, 2019

Difference between Engineering Wood Flooring & Solid Wood Flooring


December 14th, 2019

Do you have Gaps in your hardwood floor ?

When did you notice Gaps in hardwood floor ? During summers ? Let me help you identify why do you see these gaps.


Gaps in wood floors are normal. They usually occur when hardwood loses its moisture content. Several other factors can be the reason of these gaps.


Gaps can be the result of flooring installed during weather of higher humidity. Months later, after the installation is complated those gaps start to show up. Most of the times, a seasonal gap, one in which you can fit a dime, will close back up in higher humidity.

Gaps can also occur due to Indoor humidity imbalance. The perfect temperature range is 60 to 80 degrees. Wood at your home will enlarge or expand in air changes. Doors or wood windows will swell during monsoon seasons.

For normal gaps, no repairs are needed. Adding filler is not a good idea; it gets pushed out as the wood enlarges with moisture.

Large gaps in wood floors that do not close up during the summer months could be a result of excessive moisture, being located very close to a heating vent, incorrect nail spacing, or structural settlement issues.

For larger gaps that don’t close up, call in a ADL Floors to repair floors properly. Call ADL Floors now at 425-369-9017.

January 14th, 2019

What is Crowning ?

Let's discuss "Crowning". On Hardwood Floors, due to crowning the centre of each board gets raised higher than the edges. Crowning is a defect that gets developed in hardwood floors when exposed to moisture. When hardwood floors engross humidity from air or moisture from the subfloor, they can swell and push against each other. This may cause the centers of the boards to rise or crump

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