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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of installing Hardwood Flooring ?

1. Enhance the Look of Your Home

Wood floors not only add a touch of elegance to your home but also a bit of warmth. Many homeowners believe that having hardwood floors even makes space look bigger. Whether it makes your home feel more inviting depends on the rest of your décor, but it’s an easy way to make a great first impression.

2. Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean

Hardwood floors are incredibly easy to keep clean. They can be swept, steam-cleaned, or vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Imagine not having to clean very often, while still knowing that your floors are not harboring any environmental hazards like dust mites or pet dander. What makes wood floors even easier to maintain is the fact that they are significantly more stain-resistant than carpets. If you spill something, all you need to do is wipe it up. 

3. Strong & Durable

Being durable is one of the primary reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade to solid wood floors. One of the main reasons this type of flooring is so easy to maintain is partly due to its durability. Sure, they can get scratched or dented, but it’s not easy to do. If you take proper care of your wood floors, the hard surface can last for decades.

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Wood floors can add value to your home. When it comes time for you to sell your home, buyers will pay more for a house with hardwood than carpet. Many homebuyers don’t want carpet… especially somebody else’s carpet. They see used carpet as a petri dish that is going to provoke their allergy symptoms. Many home buyers would plan on replacing carpets, which is why they will pay more for a house that already has hardwood floors. Because it’s a feature sought out, wood flooring may even help sell your house faster.

5. Better Air Quality

Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter, or other common allergens. This means that it’s significantly easier to improve your indoor air quality.  Wood floors are often a must for allergy sufferers.


Why are wood floors better than tile or laminate in terms of air quality? Even though tile and laminate do not have the fibers that carpet has, they still have grout lines and embossing. These grout lines and embossing are a great place for dust and other allergens to settle.

6. Looks Good in All Décor Theme

One of the primary benefits of wood flooring is its versatility to adapt to almost every interior design theme in your home. No matter how often you are inspired to change the mirrorswall artdecorative accents, or other decors in your home, the floors will always look good and fit your desired theme.


Additionally, not only will wood flooring not clash with your décor, but you have a wide range of colors, shades, and species to choose from. With real hardwood floors, you don’t get a factory pattern that repeats every so often. You get natural beauty available with a variety of shades, swirls, and grains that add character to your home.

7. Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain, durable, and provide better air quality. But they can be expensive, right? Depending on the other floor you are considering, wood floors may be a more expensive option to purchase. However, there are a few factors you should consider.


Think about the long-term costs. Wood floors are easier to clean and less likely to be damaged. This will reduce your cleaning or repair costs over the years. Additionally, because they are so durable, hardwood floors can last for generations. This long-lasting quality makes them a cost-effective flooring option. It may be a little more upfront, but in the end, it will save you money.

8. Color Doesn’t Fade

Many carpets will lose their luster over time. This is because the color starts to change with wear and tear, and all the stains are impossible to remove. You won’t experience this issue with hardwood. The steady appearance of hardwood is one of the reasons why hardwood lasts for so many years and rarely needs to be replaced.

9. Can Be Refinished

However, what if you want to change the color? You can do that with solid hardwood floors. Unlike carpet or tile, this type of flooring can be refinished rather than replaced.


This is a huge benefit as the cost to refinish is significantly lower than buying and installing new flooring. It is also beneficial because it gives you the chance to drastically change your home without spending loads of money. Or maybe you just bought a house but don’t like the color of the wood floors; all you have to do is sand the color off and stain them to your liking. It’s as easy as that and much cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

10. Improve Acoustics in Your Home

Hardwood floors can also improve the acoustics within the room. They reduce hollow sounds or vibrations that often occur. This quality is why you’ll find hardwood in nearly every dance or music studio. Though, if you’re looking for a wood-like flooring that reduces noise, vinyl or cork may be the better choice here.

What are the benefits of installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

The main advantages of engineered hardwood flooring are that it is:

1- Less costly than solid hardwood flooring
2- Difficult to tell apart from solid wood flooring once installed

3- Has a real layer of wood on top (unlike laminate flooring)
4- More resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood flooring
5- A stable product so can be installed in a variety of ways to suit your property and preference, e.g. loose laid over an underlay
6- Compatible with underfloor heating
7- Mostly found with a click fitting system, making it quick and easy to install
8- Available in different wood species, styles, colors, finishes, and plank widths
9- The top layer (wear layer) can be sanded and re-finished if necessary

What are the benefits of installing Laminate Flooring?

The main advantages of engineered hardwood flooring are that it is:

1- Laminate flooring is much less expensive than hardwood, but it doesn’t fall short on quality and appearance. If you’re on a budget, yet you love the look of hardwood, laminate flooring allows you to get the look without breaking the bank.

2- Laminate is protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, making it strong, scratch-resistant, and highly durable. It’s also resistant to fading from sunlight. So if you have small children and pets or need flooring for an area involving high traffic, laminate is a perfect choice.

3- Easy to clean. Unlike hardwood, the stain-resistant nature of laminate flooring makes cleaning up spills easy – no special cleaners are required. Just be sure to clean up spills quickly, however, as laminate is not waterproof.

4- Easy to install. Laminate boards are designed to interlock, making them very easy to work with. They can also be put over most existing floors, saving installation time. The process is so simple that many homeowners install laminate themselves.

5- Style Variation. You can find laminate flooring in a variety of styles, from wood to stone and tile finishes. All of these are available in different colors, surface treatments, thickness, and plank styles.

6- If anyone in your family suffers from bad allergies, laminate flooring is an excellent choice since there are no places for dust and other particles to become trapped. The underlayment provides a moisture barrier that protects the floor from damage and prevents mold from forming.

7- Sub-floor Versatility. Laminate can be installed on nearly any type of subfloor, from concrete to pre-existing vinyl floors. When hardwood isn’t compatible with a subfloor, laminate is a smart option.

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