Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When a hardwood floor is disfigured or yellowed, and you just want to change the color and look of your floor, ADL Floors Refinishing System has the perfect solution. Using ADL Floors comprehensive sanding equipment, the floor is sanded down to plain wood and then finished with the look you need. It is like providing altogether a new floor. ​By this you can bring your old floor back to life...and be astonished by the outcome!! Allow us to sand your existing floor to remove years of wear and tear. We finish all our floors with 3 coats of water base non-toxic finish which dries in an hour. ADL Floors will move and protect all furniture and fully clean upon completion. Refinishing your hardwood floors is one of the best ways to bring out the actual beauty of your floors and It adds value of your home. At ADL Floors, we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing. Our techniques have been supported by our experience in hardwood flooring industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with a high quality and cost-effective refinishing that would brighten up any room in your home.

Dust control is an important factor when it comes to hardwood flooring refinishing. At ADL Floors we use dust control systems that will keep your home clean during the installation process. Dust has chemicals and It can get on any kind of surface,which can be unhealthy if inhaled. We use modern as well as the most efficient industry certified dust control systems. This will eliminate 99.9% of dust and prevents it from spreading. We are experienced and well aware of the dangers that dust can cause. To protect the health of our employees and our customers, we always make sure the proper dust containment methods are used during every job that we perform. We make sure that proper floor preparation is completed before the refinishing begins. We will also determine If repair is needed prior to the new finish being applied. Our professionals will first sand your floors to remove all scratches. All proper dust containment methods will be used to ensure a clean and safe environment while the refinishing is completed. ADL Floors is undoubtedly your best choice for professional hardwood floor installation and refinishing service. 


When choosing the finish for wood floors, consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. All wood floors require routine maintenance to keep them look beautiful and elegant. The finish you choose will have a huge impact on the life of your floor. When working on a hardwood floor refinishing project , It is important to choose the finish that compliments your life style


Everyone likes hardwood flooring for its unique characteristics; the patterns in the wood grain and the natural color of the wood make a subtle statement about the look and feel of your home. Staining your hardwood floor can add another dimension to the overall look of your floors.

Don't get confused between wood stains and wood finishes. They both are different. Hardwood floor stains change the color of the natural wood while adding additional highlights to the wood grain patterns in your floor. After a floor is stained properly, it will need a protective upper coat to seal and protect the floor from daily life—this is where a wood finish is used.

Our Stain Collection offers a range of color options that you can use alone or with a combination of stains to create a look that you like. Check out some of the benefits of ADL Floors Stain Collection:

  • 2-hour dry time for most colors

  • Penetrates, stains and seals bare wood

  • Low odor

  • Easy touch-ups


Staining any the hardwood is optional, but applying a finish is essential to protect any wood's surface. Without a finish, wood can dry, rift and deteriorate. If exposed to moisture, It would swell due to which drawers and doors would no longer work. A perfect finish prevents swelling and cracking, protects against stains and enhances the appearance of your floor.

Although they don't look more natural. Surface finishes provide more durable protection. They are a better choice for day to day pieces that will receive a lot of wear.

Refinishing Process

1.    Preparations for wood floor refinishing: As per ADL Floors elegant wood floor refinishing, start from good and thorough preparation of the job site. First, we need to remove all objects from the room, including sealing and with that we need to protect objects that cannot be removed (like light fixture, light switches, door opening etc…

2.    Sanding the wood floor: Sanding is a process of removing the upper layer of wood floor, to smooth the floor, and prepare for the nest part. This process require many preparations, to make sure it will include as less dust and dirt as possible, and ADL Floors is one of the top companies in Seattle Area that ensures that the refinishing process will go as smooth as possible.

3.    Repairs: If there are parts that require repairs, cracks or deep scratches in the wood, ADL Floors is the company that you can trust.

4.    Staining the floor: After completing the sanding process, and complexly remove any dirt, it is the time to stain the wood floor. This process depends on the color you choose for your floor, and the conditions. It may require more than one layer, to get to the desired result.

5.    Apply finish: Once the stain dried completely, now we can start applying the finish. Like the rest of the steps, each wood floor require different approach with level of work.

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